Balboa Italian Restaurant Palm Beach Gold Coast About Us


At Balboa Italian, we strive to source the finest local and imported ingredients. We believe that the better the quality of the raw ingredients, the finer the end result on the plate. The best ingredients require less intervention and handling to create a delicious and simple dish.

Our culinary approach is rooted in respect for the ingredients we use to prepare our menu. Each member of the Balboa Italian team constantly continues to refine their skills, while fuelling their passion for excellence. Our cuisine is an eclectic ensemble with our chefs using classic Italian techniques with fresh interpretations of modern and traditional dishes. The results prove comfortingly familiar yet distinctly unique.

Our intention to create an atmosphere that envelops you is enhanced by our meticulous planning of our cocktail list and international wine offerings.
Our tenacious appetite to satisfy yours is matched only by our commitment to uncompromised quality and consistency. Having focus drives us to deliver an exceptional dining experience and is the foundation upon which Balboa Italian was built. We hope you share our passion.

We invest in, and support, the community in which we thrive. By sharing our knowledge for wonderful food with the next generation, we truly believe that we can change the world with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, and a love for what we do.

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