Built from the bones of a dilapidated shopfront, Balboa Italian was born out of owner, Cherie Uzan’s, passion for creating extraordinary culinary experiences. For Cherie, a culinary experience is not just about the food, but a wholistic journey from start to finish. Balboa Italian is the epitome of this ethos. Reborn with soul, this once rundown building now sits as a landmark along the Gold Coast Highway. Sitting in the heart of the building is the Italian Stefano Ferrara traditional, hand-made, wood-fired pizza oven. Balboa Italian dazzles with its Italian chandeliers, plush velvet lounges and custom designed ironwork.

Striving to source only the finest local and imported ingredients, we believe that the better the quality of the raw ingredients, the finer the end result on the plate. The best ingredients require less intervention and handling to create a delicious and simple dish.

Our tenacious appetite to satisfy yours is matched only by our commitment to uncompromised quality and consistency. Having focus drives us to deliver an exceptional dining experience and is the foundation upon which Balboa Italian was built. We hope you share our passion.

We invest in, and support, the community in which we thrive. By sharing our knowledge for wonderful food with the next generation, we truly believe that we can change the world with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, and a love for what we do.

Cin Cin

Guy Dayan / Head Chef

Gabriel Mojica / Restaurant Manager